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Yoga In The Water

This class includes exercises to oil the joints, standing Yoga  poses (asanas), suspended and floating poses with equipment, and wall-assisted poses. Breathwork is integral to the class.

The class is suitable for people at all points in Yoga and in life, including those recovering from injury or joint replacement.

Yoga in the Water has benefits for the whole body. The Joint-Freeing Series lubricates the joints, promoting greater comfort and flexibility; the standing poses improve balance, core stability, flexibility, and focus; suspended and floating poses improve joint mobility, muscle coordination and overall strength; wall-assisted poses help lengthen muscled and gently realign the joints.

The breath is the bridge between the mind and the body. Experience the effects of proper breathing on mind, body, and spirit.

No experience in Yoga is necessary.

The classes are held at Waterside Fitness and Swim Club, 901 6th Street, SW.

People who are not members of the club are welcome to join the class for $10 each time.

Any questions or concerns? Contact Pamela.

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